Service Price (RM) for Non Members Price (RM) for Magnum Mobile Members
   Gaming Results 0.30/SMS 0.30/SMS
   Jackpot Results 0.50/SMS 0.50/SMS
   Past Draw Results 0.50/SMS 0.50/SMS
   Lucky Numbers
1.00/SMS 1.00/SMS
   M4D Treasure Chest 1.00/SMS 1.00/SMS
   Winning Numbers 1.00/SMS 1.00/SMS
   Personal Horoscopes 0.50/SMS 0.50/SMS
   Horoskop (Bahasa Melayu) 0.50/SMS 0.50/SMS
   Colour Wallpapers
3.00/Download 2.50/Download
   Operator Logos 2.00/Download 1.50/Download
   Picture Messages 2.00/Download 1.50/Download
   M4D Info On The Go
   (top-up can be purchased at all
    M4D outlets or via SMS)
5.00/Month 5.00/Month
   M4D 4D Live!
   (available to Maxis & DiGi subscribers
5.00/Month 5.00/Month


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